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The ascension collection boasts a range of natural elite design perfumes, each created with a different message and aura while boasting the best scents, as such it can be difficult to pick just one from the range as your environmental companion.  The Ascension Room Spray Collection offers sampler set which contains five 5 ml volumes of all perfume options in the collection as well as 30 ml, and 50ml volumes of a single option. 


-Ether: dark bananna 

-Dark Matter: blueberry leather 

-Escape: fruity incense 

-Born: powdery light citrus

-Highest Form: Rose on Rose with Rose

Ascension Room Spray Collection

Shipping Insurance
  • In case that you are dissatisfied with a purchase an exchange of equal or lesser valued products is available. The detailes will be negotiated Refunds are NEVER offered. 

  • All orders are shipped via priority mail. Free shipping is afforded to all U.S. shoppers. Shipping and packaging cost to all other locations vary.

    All orders are packaged and shipped out within 3 days of payent reciept. NOTE: This does not apply to whole sale or custome orders. 

    Every order is packaged carefully and inspected twice to maintain the integrity of the products throught it's transit. However, in the unlikely event that your package arrives broken you may opt to purchase shipping insurance for any perfume order for  an additional $15. As therre are no refunds this fee will insure your broken bottle is replaced if it arrives damaged. 

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