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Twerk It

24x36 Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas Roll


24x36 Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas


There is a source of power, a force generator that takes the shape of female reproduction parts and or the eye of every being. The movement of source ensures that life never ends. Let us all keep twerking.

The best way for me to express the meaning behind a piece is with a poem. Shop

Left cheek, right cheek

Drop it low and then swing

All the power's up in this thang

Make the world STOP

Whole body tic toc

Dropping babies

Can't stop, won't stop

Apple of my daddy's eye

Oh, wait, I'm my daddy

Rip Rip

Rotate that thang

Make em' come to you

Drip Drip

I am money

Shaking the money maker

It's all for you daddy

Do whatever you want to do!

I in eye

Truth in true

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