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Sleeping Beauty

24x18 Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas Roll


The body is the temple that rules the experience. It will rule with or without you.

The best way for me to turn up the volume on my art is through poetry.

Peep the jewelry as the preacher says the eulogy

Blacked out, ultra black

Sweet dreams no more night mares

We the fairest --sleeping beauty

Mirror mirror who’s the fairest of them all?

Lights peeking through the scope

Glaring out the windows

Sleeping beauty lit those

Hot like lava “fire in the whole!”

Completing the saga of the stories we told

The days are young and the wisdom is old

We don’t break, won’t break, bend or fold

This ain’t no lawn chair

Sleeping beauty’s remain gods heirs

Sweet dreams maintain the dogs layer

Flip flip gods layer

What a frightening site tricky thief of the night

Driven to right all the wrongs

No bed bugs, no bite sleeping beauty up all night

Taking flights no touch down

Playing on planes A to ZZzz surround sound

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