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Rock Steady

24x24x1 Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas


It's impossible for a divided mind to navigate troubled waters effectively and dream big.

The best way for me to express the meaning behind a piece that is with a poem. Shop

A little birdie told me

And that other birdie told me

"White is very scary, No don't go there!"

"What about there?", I asked

"No stay away."

These birds be chirping everyday

Demanding and commanding

Confusing and abusing

Leading me astray

Then I heard them all applause when I found the middle way

Yup! I hit the road


Ran it straight up the center

Slam dunk

Through the net

Hole in one

Fuck the goalie

We kick it holy

Flying with my feet on the ground

Staying round, no rough edges

All trimmed hedges

This is beyond no ledges

Knowledge is just the beginning

Truth is there is no ending

Tweet tweet

Hit the twitter and socialize

Let the world know I got the rock

Birds be chirping, still chirping

But there's a sure thing

They'll die and in the morning

We'll all begin to rock



Rocking all night long.

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