I'm Finding My Place at My Pace !

Yay, Hercules... hercules!! I have a message to deliver and a medium that brings me joy to deliver it in. My plan to take over the world is coming along brilliantly. Many thanks to Pinky and the Brain.

Color and Medium

So, I've been doing this painting thing for a little while now and wondering when my voice will sit outside the noise of the art world to be heard as uniquely its own. Then I dawned on me. Hey! I already have a pallet and preferred medium. Of course U'm open to switching it up. But I have a pocket to sit in where my hand and imagination comfortably flow through the brush to the canvas. I prefer multi-purpose Folk Art paints mad by Plaid, Liquitex gauche and heavy body paints, and Hand Davenport matte acrylics. For me, the color intensity, and flow work well with Windsor and Newton high gloss acrylic spray varnish. I love this combination, and I discovered that love organically by trying so many different options.

Size and Surface

Similarly, I've mangled and finagled around with various paint surfaces and sizes. I love working on wood panels. But, they aren't effective for the size I like to work in which is a rather large square or rectangular surface (20" x 20" +/ 24" x 36"+). These sizes aren't easy to find at Michaels. So, I found a local art store that is just a wonderland in and of itself. Talk about finding my place! Anyhoo...

What's Next?

Framing and Titling, that's what. I'm looking to move away from designing my own frames. It's just not my specialty. I have no passion and no patience for it. So, the mission to defining my art my way still continues. Eventually, I will only sell art in frame with the custom title because I believe the frame and name are a unique complementary component to the actual piece. Stay tuned for that!

Thanks for stopping by...

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