Sketching, Process, and Style

I sketch everything, everywhere, all the time! But, I have yet to put together a really beautiful sketch book to begin working in, hmm(note to self). Anyhoo...


So, I'd sketch a nice composition and the put the image in a projector to trace directly on the canvas with a paint maker. Nothing wrong with that. However for me it posed a problem, particularly where my goals were concerned. Problem: sizes are minimal and it exposes s bit of personal insecurity. If you drew it once you can draw it again. Not to mention all the new ideas that come as the painting begins.

With Projector below:


Allow the paint to talk. Trust the process.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. The way you draw is the way you draw. If you don't like it, Practice But it will help you define your style in the end.

  2. You can draw and correct with the brush directly to canvas. Especially if you don't get locked in too tight to a sketch.Depending on your ability this may render more abstract art. (if you don't like it... be brave and keep improving on it.)

  3. You're painting style is defined by your emotion, your intent, and the way you interpret what you see. (I tend to work out of my mind more often than not) But don't let that stop you from googling a few reference photos once you've decided on a composition.

  4. When your heart say's it's done. It's done! (I've ruined so many paintings by pushing it past the limit of my minds eye.) Sometimes the story you're trying to tell is too much for one canvas. Accept it and STOP while you're ahead.

  5. If you love it, So will other's.

Directly to Canvas Below:

Welp! That's all I have for this post. I hope you keep living, loving, and enjoying life. So long, until we meet again.


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