What About Inspiration

When it comes to my art the inspiration comes from everywhere. Literally, everywhere... because art is everywhere and art begets art. Duh! "I see art people." it's a sixth sense.

Music, Literature, Movies

I've already said art begets art. So that's pretty much the inspirational point of reference here. However, I want to be among those living in the afterlife... Jay-Z, Twain, Scorsese, and of course Cocoa! So if it ain't broke don't fix it, remix it. Paintings are not like music, literature, or movies because they are short moments with little space to capture the build up of emotion or context. This is fact that inspires me tremendously. Just the thought of how to capture that "thing" on canvas gets me going and motivates me to began sketching outlines and compositions for paintings that interprate the symbolism and nuance found in these genres in a new way. The remix, that will hopefully leave the people saying "A genius stroked it!" when I die.

Nature and Small Talk

Well, both are pretty effortless components of my life however comfortable or uncomfortable they may be. So when I feel the cringe of discomfort or the soothed by familiarity I make a mental note, draw a sketch and explore various compositions based on whatever small talk has occurred. In fact, my painting "Friend or Foe?" came about in this way.

Friend or Foe?

I was taking a short walk to my mailbox snd came .000005 millimeters from stepping in dog shit. Yup, dog shit! It immodestly upset me. Then I began to think about nature and how that dog needed a place to do business and that business allowed the beautiful landscaped scenery I was trailing through to flourish. And so on and so on... the ideas began flowing from there.

Historical Movements

When I say historical movements, I mean everything from Renaissance oil painters to French Philosophers and contemporary me too, BLM, and 1%. I find metaphor and irony in them all and use the iconic reference points as symbols to deliver my own colorful synopsis of the truth to the canvas.

I think I'll call it quits here. It was nice sharing with you all, talk to you soon.


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