Biggie Smalls

36x24x1 Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas


Waiting to join my rings, remove the mummy wrap and speak to the higher me. The part of me that rides the milkyway and lives forever in the castle in the sky.

The best way for me to express the meaning behind a piece that is with a poem. Shop

Biggie Smalls is the illest

Time to show the babies how real the field is

Put you up on game

It's enough gold in these bars

We can all take a chain and rewire the mainframe

So here it is

Sentimental raindrops

The tears fall in increments

Like incremental pain-drops

That wash away the stain spots

The western world is just a hive of scum and villainy

That's why superhero's wear disguises in trilogies

When the future is uncertain

And the wizard is just a man in the booth behind a curtain

Behaving like a serpent

With a bag full of everything, except your home

Just remember, be yourself and accept your OM

Combine the forces

Remove the mummy wrap, lose the android

And step into the void

Top back, panoramic view

Division is for the coups

Lessons learned, rims spinning, living life after death

Blew past the ref

In an X-large bat mobile --DRACULAR

Headed towards the mansion

Everything here is spectacular

Hit the track

Coached cells running down your back

Call it relapse

But it's all good track star

Soon you'll find your power

You have to crawl before you walk

Five rings, like the Olympics

Nine medals, off the wall

Now watch the work dissolve

It's all

Life after death, Biggie Smalls