A Poem for the Painting "No Crosswords"

Many times the best way for me to express the meaning behind any particular piece that I create is with a poem. You wanna here it? Here it goes! Shop

Beneath the scratch n' sniff snake skin

No reel love. I say, "I love you baby."

No I don't act like it, "Matter fact,

let me hit you back right quick."

No kamikaze love, I survive the retrograde,

no self-destructive patterns

Always home alone, can't say I'm sad within

No questioning my choices, no carriages and horses

Equalized and yolked to my inner forces

I know it sounds cold like Manhattan but my heart's warm like Miami. I hope you understand me.

I'm here ti build a kingdom for my people and my family

It's a luxury, I'm grateful that my small faith can move a mountain

My pen is the artery, my heart is the fountain

Beneath the scratch n' sniff snake skin I APOLOGIZE


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