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No Crosswords

24x36x1 Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas


There is a beautiful creative bride inside you. When you find her cherish her and never act against her. To cross her is to cross yourself young cobra.

The best way for me to express the meaning behind a piece that is with a poem. Shop

Beneath the scratch n sniff snake skin

No reel love. I say, “I love you baby.”

No I don’t act like it, “Matter fact, Let me hit you back right quick.”

No kamikaze love, I survived the retrograde. No self destructive patterns.

Always home alone, can’t say I’m sad within

No questioning my choices, no carriages and horses Equalized and yolked to my inner forces.

I know it sounds cold like Manhattan but my heart’s warm like Miami. I hope you understand me.

I’m here to leave a legacy for me and my family.

I’m grateful --it’s a luxury

I’m faithful, and I know that can move a mountain My pen is the artery, my heart is the fountain

Beneath the scratch n sniff snake skin I APOLOGIZE But I’m too real to live lies

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