A Poem for the Painting "Moving Weight"

Many times the best way for me to express the meaning behind any particular piece that I create is with a poem. You wanna here it? Here it goes! Shop:

In and out trap houses and one thousand room mansions

With a passion

The track running is exhausting

All good, take a nap track star

In the morning you'll wake with desire...

Two polish the rock

Run it down the isle

Throw back the veil and kiss the king

Light yeah!

The rocks and the feathers yeah!

Now run it back yeah!

Weights and measures!

Work the middle, again and again

Two keep it lit up in the trap

The greatest story ever told

Weights and measures

On and on, rolling stone, burning flame

Eternal sunshine

Know your role, stay in your lane

Rest and awake two enjoy the game!


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