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Lit Dripping Bugatti Queen

24x36x1 Acrylic, Gouache, and Paint Pen on Canvas


We all have to accept the deepest scariest parts of self and find a way to lighten them up. This way we get the information we need to be prosperous and heal others. BE STELLAR.

The best way for me to express the meaning behind a piece is with a poem. Shop

I keep my hands lit

Keep the key dangling on my pinky ring Evil genius on my left thumb

Crazy glow bugs on my middle finger Screaming fuck you!

You be ware, you a big fish, big body Bugatti

Supersonic submarine queen

Touch it, ring it, bang it

Your spycam spider senses scanning the room Maintaining the mood

Ignoring the rude

image is the whole thing

They can’t eff with your groove

Wifi booming, ain't no buffering

Think it, live it, love it, no one above it Color money and mystic healing

Lite, like spring breeze in the trees Deep in the seas she heavy on a sleeze Ball, hard like a tank dripping saltwater On all the kneeling men

Stealth mode

She concealing it

Evil genius... I see you

Shout out to all my lit dripping queens

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