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Kween West Whirl

20x16x1 Acrylic on Canvas


Be the king or queen of your own castle. Feel it, think on how to make it happen, work towards it, then experience it -- water, fire, air and earth respectively. North, south, east and west are relative to your location. You can't touch what you can't see.

The best way for me to express the meaning behind a piece is with a poem. Shop

East bound

Moving on your left

Sending water in a ball of flames

Up north, from back south

Moving so fast I made my wig fly back

Like, Roman judges and hood chicks

We landed in the west

Definition of united

United, united!

Flip the crown

Let the nile -flow!

Similac got me on go!

His and hers robes

Contemporary and ancient regalia

Captain America, Titanic, Titans -regal, ya!

Solid in the paint

Set foundations in all directions

United, united!

Wind blowing to the North

Eastern anchor, like a cable

Keep the connections till we dock on shore

No ship wrecking!

We big stepping!

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