A Poem for the Painting "Kween West Whirl"

Many times the best way for me to express the meaning behind any particular piece that I create is with a poem. You wanna here it? Here it goes! Shop:

East bound

Moving on your left

Sending water in a ball of flames

Up south, from back north

Moving so fast I made my wig fly back

Like, Roman judges and hoo chicks

They landed in the west

Definition of united

United, united!

Flip the crown

Let denial -go!

Navi gate the milky way flow

His and hers robes

Contemporary and ancient regalia

Captain America, Titanic Titans -regal

Solid in the paint

Set foundations in the East

United, united!

Wind blowing all directions

Northern anchor, like a cable

Keep the connections

No ship wrecking!


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