A Poem for the Painting "Everlast"

Many times the best way for me to express the meaning behind any particular piece that I create is with a poem. You wanna here it? Here it goes! Shop

Speak into the Mike

Glittery el moon walking across the stage

leaves us all teary eyed no matter race or age

Tyson hits you with one peek-a-boo and all his pigeons take flight

Opponents on pause before the birds return

Applause in the arena, damn nobody's meaner -circle back

Warrior tatts and tiger chaps

What chaos is controlling that?

Overstand and innerstand, we are never-ending

Coming straight out the mother

Same source, build uniquely

Tap in, yah! Recreation tear down walls...

Have you all inspired, awe-inspired by the glittery chaos

Erected statues carved in rock or etched in

Court docs or court yards. Should you ever retard

They remain to add to the total recall.

Everlasting "Iron" living "Off the Wall".


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