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Cuban Link

12x24x1 Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas


When we're stuck in a box we need someone who understands us to remind us of who we truly are.

The best way for me to express the meaning behind a piece is with a poem. Shop

Lost like Simba when he left Mufasa.

Spent my time fighting tears back

Prayed and prayed, left messages but no hear back.

Or so it seems

A muster seed is all you need to sow a dream.

Or build an arch to gently gently row down Noah's stream.

Sometimes the path I took to reach my petty goals was so extreme.

I was too bogged down in mud, couldn't even let my night shine.

Aunt Ju was always there when I needed to phone a friend or use my life-line.

If it weren't for you Ju, Cocoa would have never made it.

Oh son of man, Oh son of man

Who was the Angel in revelation?

With a foot on water and a foot on land.

Who was the Angel that rode a harlet?

From the slums to the House of Parliament.

Mystery Babylon falling down

I bring all enemies underground

Covered in I, four bands connected.

Thanks again for the new sight.

Now I'm sending smoke signals to those with weak reception.

Keep rolling the dice...and Drag On baby!

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