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Apple Bottom Genes

12x24x1 Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas


There are two sides to us all and when we join them and find the center it's much easier to build and destroy. That girl is on fire!

The best way for me to express the meaning behind a piece is with a poem. Shop

Speak the language of the birds and the snakes, the dog, sly fox, the black cats; The brave hearted lion sending shocks and waves, swimming with the eels.

Referee, running through the gates dusk to dawn

Chief rocker, grand central station, head of state, flags on the battlefields

Blowing in the wind.

The hammer brings it down, the wrench puts it back again

Accept it all.

This is Sirius shit. Ain't no pigs in the house. Just wolves disguised as pets. Meaning all that huffing and puffing is no threat.

We run circles around the squares, in and out of traffic, pardoned by the judges, dunking on the court --relaxed dominating the court for a thousand millennium.

Dog whistling, putting snakes in tree tops, tweeting with birds, running with lions, putting fruits on my vine --world in my hand, word in my mind.

Good morning, time to grab the battle axe. Knock it all down, jump up, jump spin and turn them genes on again.

Rebuild the estate, electrified gates, unite beasts, and currier pigeons. So many layers of protection, immune to oppression. We deliver suppression with ease, battleship driven in the temple, it's all mental.

Soul speaking, jump up, jump in, we all the way in!

Slither and shimmy in the water; blow the whistle, tweet the birds, let the heart roar!

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