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Lady In The Paint

Cassondra "Cocoa" Bowden is from Philadelphia by way of South Jersey and San Jose, California. She signs her work, "Cocoa." Cocoa is an Army veteran and a  self-taught acrylic artist, and author. Her work is pulled from her imagination and largely inspired by music, sports, animal behavior, and her travels abroad. 


As a woman with combat expertise, Cocoa has had the chance to experience some pretty unbelievable events. Additionally, she obtained an associates degree in Forensic Science and undergrad from Temple University in General Anthropology.


As the former director of the Women Veterans Service Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a once-avid advocate for women veterans, Cocoa had the pleasure of testifying in Congress on behalf of Financing for Veterans Housing.


With such dedicated energy focused on helping others, Cocoa finds joy and purpose in  artistic expression. 


A passionate artist, she’s been creating canvas works professionally since August 2020. She is motivated by many complex ideas related to cosmology and how personal perception influences environmental awareness. Her art style is generally figurative, bordering on the abstract, often primitive, colorful, and painterly. Cocoa also enjoys working on wood panels, collages, writing, and poetry.


“I get inspired by everything from people such as Immanuel Kant and Mike Tyson, to hip- hop music and antiquity. When people see my paintings, I hope they experience a sense of freedom and personal power.


"My favorite artist is Jean Michel Bosquiat. Not the man, but the artist. I find his life and work to be both: informative and vibrant. His work executes concepts that interest me in a bold, simple and elegant way.“ 


Cocoa connects with the art community through her local arts council and by joining national competitions. Her work has shown at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach, Classical Books, and the Jamar Enlightenment Center. 

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